Getting Schooled in Buwenge

Our fluorescent green Land Rovers drove onto the property for our jigger clinic, causing neighbors to gather and wonder. We were an hour from Jinja in the remote area of Buwenge to visit the site of a school, where we treated over 150 children and elderly for jiggers.

It was fitting to go to a school today, because that’s exactly where the Lord took me. One of the highest honors in the courts of heaven is humility and settings like Buwenge serve as labs where we learn it here on earth.

One of the highest honors in the courts of heaven is humility

When we arrived, most of the children were in their classrooms while a few of the village children looked on with curiosity. It didn’t take long for school to dismiss and loads of children to pour into a field singing and dancing. It quickly became more like “Ringling Brothers” than a mobile “Jigger Clinic”. There was loud music playing from the Sole Hope vehicles, kids were singing in unison under the vibrant direction of Dixon, and everyone was having a blast.


We were so honored to be serving today alongside the artisans of African Style and Noonday Collection. Our mission for the day: to wash feet, remove jiggers and place shoes on feet. We were all motivated by the love of God for those suffering from the devastating effects of jiggers. The cheers were eventually silenced and some lines began to form behind the intake tables. It was go time!

best line

I was sitting next to Kari on the old wooden school bench as children were brought to our brightly colored buckets. We looked at each other, grabbed the scrub brush in one hand and dirty little feet in the other.

I once heard a great definition of humility that has stuck with me, “The Noble choice to forgo your status, deploy your resources or use your influence for the good of others before yourself.” This is what Sole Hope “Storytellers” is all about.

Every time I make the choice to humble myself, I learn something new about the heart of God and about me. Washing someone’s feet is a humbling experience. We are all different, but long for the same things in life don’t we? Hope, peace and a better life for our children than what we’ve had for ourselves. As I patted the leg, indicating that my child could be carried to the jigger removal station, I prayed a silent prayer, “Lord, break off deferred hope.”

feet 1

Jesus spent three years teaching his disciples to “think like a child and act like a servant.” I have a long way to go, and the 3 hours I spent washing feet today reminded me that you don’t just stumble into humility.