Here We Go

The last time I blogged was October 2009. I really just intended to take a short break, but a week turned into 5 years.  Since that time life has sped up BIG TIME! We have moved homes, churches and had 3 more kids…oh and added a dog! So I was driving home from church one night when my friend Logan called and pitched a really cool opportunity for me to go to Uganda with Sole Hope. First of all, I LOVE the nations! I have traveled to Haiti (3x), Israel, India (2x), and Taiwan since my last blog post in 2009. I didn’t have to pray much about whether I was supposed to go.

I quickly realized that this trip to Uganda was a Story Teller’s trip. If I am going to capture stories of what God is doing in the beautiful people of Uganda and in me, I better have a space to release the stories! So this is my space. It’s sparse right now, but soon it will be filled with words, pictures and moments that have served to shape my heart.

Our church and family have been involved in “shoe cutting” parties through Sole Hope over the last few years, so I am  grateful for the opportunity to see the story unfold before my eyes…and capture it through pictures and words!