I’m Headed to Africa!

Today I board a plane to Africa with an amazing group of story tellers. Going to Africa has been on my bucket list, so this is a dream come true for me. Not to mention, getting to serve the amazing people of Uganda with Sole Hope! Wednesday night … [Continue reading]

Living with Open Eyes

“Will you embrace justice?” That was the question that the Lord asked me one winter morning in 2010. Over night, my daily news feeds started to blow up with natural disasters, war, and poverty…so it seemed. I started to notice the “quartet of the … [Continue reading]

Here We Go

The last time I blogged was October 2009. I really just intended to take a short break, but a week turned into 5 years.  Since that time life has sped up BIG TIME! We have moved homes, churches and had 3 more kids...oh and added a dog! So I was … [Continue reading]