Rescued As a Family

A mother sits with her children watching as they receive their very first shower…EVER. One at a time, her boys get up walking carefully to the shower stall to get assistance with scrubbing the caked on dirt from their tiny bodies.


A group of mostly children, wait patiently for the shower sound to stop, so they could take their turn. Looking on felt like crashing a Christmas day celebration as children opened their gifts from Santa. They were eager to be clean and get their new clothes!

Once they exited the stall, wearing nothing but a towel, they were handed a fresh pair of super hero underwear, a t-shirt and shorts. They were proud! Aren’t all kids proud that moment they put on their first pair of super hero themed undies?! My son Mac thinks he is the Sheriff of the house when he slips his on.


Each kid stood as cocoa butter was lathered over their dry skin bringing back the sheen of their beautifully darkened skin. They were clean and they were thrilled about it! Socks were then placed on their swollen, jigger infested feet, as they prepare for removal clinic the next day.

I was blown away by the resilience and strength of this mom as she solemnly held her infant daughter in one arm and guarded her boys in the other. Her daughter was wearing just an oversized t-shirt and a smile, but played on the dirt covered floor like every other kid would have.

They were being rescued as a family by perfect strangers compelled by the love of God. Dignity came crashing back into this family as they sat back down on the grass cloth as a FAMILY…bodies clean, fresh clothes and hope for the future.

They were being rescued as a family by perfect strangers  compelled by the love of God.

Biblical hope is the expectation that God is going to be good to me in the future. I realized today that it comes in a variety of packages. A future without the pain of jiggers and the resettlement of a family unit with new shoes, new clothes and a new outlook on tomorrow is SOLE HOPE.