Conversation turned Reality

I sat on the plastic patio chair outside of the Catholic guest house in Central India, sipping strong coffee and eaves dropping on a conversation from a British humanitarian team.  My mission was teaching ministry students and caring for orphans, theirs was preventable disease. As they discussed washing feet, brushing teeth and using soap, I dreamed of sustaining life.

I had my Bible opened and pretended to journal my insights, yet I was really just penning their mumbled words. Feeding the hungry, healing the sick and releasing the oppressed was a huge part of the ministry of Jesus.  It was the vulnerable that moved Jesus with compassion and it was their conversation that moved me. I now realize that my eaves dropping was nothing more than hearing the voice of God.

Now 4 years later, I am getting the opportunity to wash, remove jiggers and put shoes on beautiful feet, all while capturing the stories as they unfold.


This time next month I will be blogging of my time in Uganda with Sole Hope. I am honored to partner with some amazing story tellers on this trip:

You can follow the stories from my trip to Uganda here on my blog or by using the hashtag #solestories.